Mr. Anand Ethirajalu

Mr. AnandMr. Anand Ethirajalu, Head, Project GreenHands
Experience as a team leader

  • Tsunami Rehabilitation: In the year 2005, lead a team of 50 volunteers for planting 25,000 saplings along the coastal areas and Tsunami affected areas with community participation
  • Guinness World Record: Field Coordinator during 2006 to lead PGH to enter the Guinness World Record for having planted 852,587 trees as maximum trees planted in 3 days.
  • 2007 – 10 : Coordinator for planting and nursery operations for planting 10 Million trees in more than 27 districts of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry
  • 2011: Became the head of Project GreenHands (PGH)

work and past achievements

  • For more than 7 years, worked with Dr. G.Nammalvar, agriculture scientist
  • 5 years on hand experience in tree plantation and organic farming
  • Regular treks with environmentalists to Western Ghats and reserve forests to observe and learn more about forests in Tamil Nadu

During his college days, He was the leader for Community Service wing where with the support of fellow students, his team organized a mission to create awareness among farming families and rural community in adopted villages about organic farming and tree plantation. This gave him a sense of fulfilment and since then he knew that for the rest of his life he wanted to work for environmental conservation and support farmers.

While in college, He was managing his own farm for 5 years in which, He part of agro forestry model plantation, He planted 200 species of trees in 4 Acres. This gave him practical experience and insight into the possibilities and difficulties of running an organic farm. It also sparked his interest for practising organic farming not only in his farm but also to continue his work in the neighbouring villages.

In 2005, He was called by Isha Foundation to lead the Tsunami rehabilitation work organized and funded by the Foundation. It was identified that trees needed to be planted in coastal areas to create a natural fence to lessen the magnitude of a disaster like Tsunami. For more than 1 year, He stayed in Tsunami hit areas amongst the grief stricken and helpless victims for coordinating tree planting activities. He was able to see how tree plantation project could be a way to mobilize the community to come together and act for a social change. Strengthened by this conclusion, He shared with Isha Foundation that this experience can be expanded to a much bigger level.

There was the possibility to mobilize the entire community towards environmental care through tree plantation. That was the birth of Project GreenHands (PGH) which is the environmental initiative of Isha Foundation.


  • Bachelor degree in Science (B.Sc) – Plant Biology & Biotechnology (2002-05)
  • Training in nursery formation and tree growing under Mr.Joss Brooks of Pichandikulam Trust, Auroville, Pondicherry,India in the year 2004
  • Training on “Global climate change and mitigation” at Institute of Rural Management (IRMA), Gujarat in the year 2008
  • Training in project management by Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC), UK in 2011

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