Mr. Mabbu Bharat

Mr. Mabbu BharatMr. Mabbu Bharat, Senior Development Manager, Microsoft

He has 12 years of experience around Product Development, IT engineering and selling IT solutions. He is currently working on Cloud Computing based IT Solutions. He also had brief stint as an entrepreneur

Mr. Bharat Mabbu has completed his Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Management from Xavier Labour Relations Institute (XLRI), both Masters and Bachelor in Computer Science from SV University, Tirupati.

Mr. Bharat started his career with Baan Infosystems, a Dutch company making ERP products, and later he joined Microsoft, where he has worked with Sales and IT Divisions. He briefly worked with Idea Entity, a startup company into IT Solutions and Consulting. He spends his spare time in reading books and doing paper prototypes for tomorrow’s IT Solutions.

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