Mr. Ritendra Banerjee

Mr. Ritendra BanerjeeMr. Ritendra Banerjee, Co Founder and President, Scientrix Asia

Ritendra ( is currently involved in game changing entrepreneurial activities, including being CEO and co founder of a global finishing school (SALT), Asia President of a leading Strategy firm based out of Singapore (Scientrix), and holding Advisory positions with boards and corporations worldwide. Having worked with Arthur D Little networked COSMODE, Connectivity Consulting, QAI, KPMG, Satyam, Maveric Systems and Cathay Pacific, Riten brings all that expertise to his consulting clients, who number more than three hundred in more than twenty five countries. He is an alumnus of Presidency College, an MBA from Xaviers (batch topper), a graduate of the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts and Harvard Business School (Executive Education). Ritendra is an advisory panel member for leading business, quality, technology, and assurance standards, events and forums. Co author of two globally best selling books on business management, he has recently published a life book titled I AM LOSING SIGNAL, available on various Amazon sites, Kindle and Sony web store.

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